Decorating Your Bedroom on a Budget

decorating_on_budgetLamp from Home Goods ($45). Candle holders from Ross ($8 each). Dancer statue from Ross ($7). Nightstand from Amazon ($40).


I got this bed from IKEA ($350). I specifically got a small bed because my room is not too big and this bed comes with 3 drawers which is a lot of storage room that I desperately need. The bed also opens up into a queen size if necessary. Pillows are from Target ($20) and Home Goods ($30). Blanket from Target ($10). Comforter from Home Goods ($40). 

(That’s my dog’s little head in the bottom). 


Ring holders and wooden candles are from Urban Outiftters. I used wine bottles as bracelet holders. The frames are from Urban Home.

Chair is from Target ($130) Little table from Home Goods ($20). Record player from Wren ($65). Buddha statue from Ross ($8). Globe from a shop in Las Vegas ($40)

Picture Frames are from Ross, Home Goods, Target. (total of $30) Jewelry holder is from Marshalls ($15) I used some wine bottles for bracelets. Candles from Pier 1.

Vase from Marshalls ($20). Vanity table with the chair from Amazon ($80). Dresser from Ikea ($70). Shelves are from Home Depot ($15) installed by my Dad. Chanel art is custom made.  decorating_on_budget8 decorating_on_budget9

Candles from Home Goods and Anthropologie ($30). Fresh flowers from downtown LA flower market.  decorating_on_budget10 decorating_on_budget13

The elephant is from Ross ($9). The vases and the frame are from Pier 1. The vintage belt is from Ebay.


I made these myself. I got the frames from Aaron Brothers for about $10 and cut out the maps and glued them onto a blank paper.


This bench, also great for storage space, is from ($80). 

Total spent on the room: $1500

It was a lot of fun decorating my room once I decided on a theme. I chose Tiffany’s theme, which was challenging because Tiffany blue is a very specific color and finding accessories that matched that color was not an easy task. Even finding a wall paint that came close to the color was hard (I don’t remember the name of the color, but the paint was Behr from Home Depot). White furniture is not easy to find either, so it took me few months to completely furnish the room on a budget. I found accessories that were close to the Tiffany blue but not exact and some of the blues don’t even match. However, when mixed with white it kind of gives the illusion that is the Tiffany’s blue box with the white ribbon. 🙂 

When decorating any room, always remember to have fun with it. If you are decorating on a budget, don’t purchase everything at once. You can find great deals on,, as well as Target and WREN for some great furniture pieces. Do your research and compare the prices. Have a theme, because it makes it easier to narrow down your search. Be creative with the stuff you already have. If you like unique pieces, DIY projects are always fun and a great way to make something special. I hope you guys like this post. Let me know if you have any questions!! 

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