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Look 1 Skirt| Topshop (similar here, here + here) | Peplum top| Joppa (similar here + here) | Shoes| Asos | Necklace| Urban Outfitters Look 2 Leather skirt| Old (similar here, here, + here) | Chambray shirt| Topshop (similar here + here) | Shoes|Zara (similar here, here + here) | Belt| Vintage  Bracelets| Kaitlyn, Anthropologie  Follow my blog with Bloglovin  

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How to Dress like the French in Los Angeles

  I’ve always admired the French and their style. Let’s face it, nobody else does effortless and minimalistic dressing better than the French women. They create a signature look and stick with it, they don’t necessarily care about the latest trends. The Parisienne prefers quality over quantity. The items I have listed below seem to be the key staples to …

wanderingalisa@gmail.comHow to Dress like the French in Los Angeles


Here are some photos from my trip to Hawaii couple of months ago. It was my first visit to Oahu and it was pretty magical. I had amazing food, witnessed unimaginable sunsets, danced under rainbows, swam under a waterfall, and made some awesome friends along the way. Hope you guys enjoy! I will also post details on the bikinis and …


Embracing Small Boobs

How I got over the insecurity of having small boobs and learned to embrace them. I am a tiny person, (5.1” H & 97lbs W), so evidently I have small boobs. I used to look at women with bigger boobs and feel very insecure about mine. I thought, when I get older and I am financially stable, I’ll get a …

wanderingalisa@gmail.comEmbracing Small Boobs

Too Many Weddings

  This year was full of weddings. I guess that’s how you know you’re getting old, when all your friends start to get married. I am pretty short and I don’t like it when flowy dresses (such as the one I am wearing in these pictures) are to my knees. I feel like, it makes me look shorter. I learned …

wanderingalisa@gmail.comToo Many Weddings